Underappreciated Anime

Listing a few anime that I’ve particularly enjoyed but which rarely seem to rate a mention elsewhere:

  • Kurau – Phantom Memory. This explores issues including what it means to be human, treatment of alient intelligences, and abuse of power.
  • Alien 9. The anime for this is a bit weird but halts before getting to the interesting material, making it difficult to sympathise with the viewpoint character, Yuri. The anime keeps going , hinting darkly that the schools are being run more for the aliens’ benefit than the students’.
  • KamiChu! This is about an elementary school student who discovers one day that she has been promoted to being a god, or kami. She meets other gods and supernatural creatures, and gets roped into taking wish requests by her friends, and sponsoring the nearby temple. (US release only.)

I’ll probably add some more entries later on.

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